Transport in Yorkshire and Humberside - some facts and figures

Population 5m

£80bn economy

GDP is above UK average

Hull handles 1m passengers a year and 80m tonnes of freight

Road traffic usage has increased by 20% in last 10 years

Journey times expected to increase by 30% by 2012 (Regional Assembly)

60% of businesses believe they are losing money because of poor transport infrastructure, only 14% feel the current infrastructure is adequate (Dec 2007 Chambers of Commerce)

A1079 used by 15K vehicles per day

A1079 is 44km length of which 4.5km are dualled

Journey times from Beverley to Hull now taking 45 minutes during rush hours (a distance of roughly 10 miles)

25 people killed in the 5 years since 2002, 1,037 injured (police figures - hospital data is higher)

Accident rate on Yorkshire and Humberside roads is highest in the country outside of Metropolitan London

1/3rd of Britain’s most dangerous roads are in the Yorkshire and Humberside.

The A1079 Market Weighton to Hull is the 7th most dangerous road in the country (EuroRAP)

Yorkshire and Humberside receives £215 per head of population compared with £305 for England average

Quote by the Institute for Public Policy Research:

“The North lags behind in some key dimensions: the northern regions receive less public funding for transport per head than other regions and their roads are in worse overall condition than anywhere else in England...high levels of traffic congestion and declining bus use mean that substantial investment in transport infrastructure and reform to transport governance will be required to deliver world-class transport services in the North of the future."

Bottom line: we have the least funding for transport infrastructure, and the most dangerous roads ...

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