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"We, the undersigned, call on the Government to provide funding for the upgrading of the A1079 road between Hull and York..."

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30 Dec 09 11:22   Martin Emmett from West Hull
I have used the 1079 for over 25 years without incident but the amount of inconsiderate drivers that use the road is unbelieveable, a more visible police presence would help, instead of relying on revenue raising speed cameras
04 Jan 09 21:28   Richard Butler from Allerthorpe
I agree that making it a dual carriageway is not the answer. Part of the problem is that the road is good, straight with reasonable visibility. This encourages speed and overtakes where drivers no not consider the joining minor roads. Although not popular, the answer maybe to slow everyone down so that joinign and leaving the main road becomes safer.
30 Dec 08 01:45   Tom Barnes from York
The dangerous nature of the road is partly as a result of the pathetic speeds experienced on the road - average of 45mph most evenings and mornings. This low speed enfuriates and frustrates drivers - pushing them to overtake slow drivers on the winding roads. Dual carriageways are statistically more thaan twice as safe as driving on a single lane road. That is why we need more dual carriageways.
04 Oct 08 13:19   vikki from market weightion
i use the A1079 4 times a day i must admit that i have lived next to the road for 19 years and have seen its fair shair of accidents, the speed camers allong the A1079 have made a massave difference but the road is so heavly congested that it just carnt cope , i dont agree with the idea of a dual carrage way cause of all the disruption and the possability of more faital deaths caused by high speed, but the possability of takeing out the roundabouts and useing signal controled juntions instead ? to help "gap" the traffic to allow cars further down the a1079 to get out safly ? or even have camers at juntions to stop incorraging danderous driveing ?
03 Oct 08 15:28   Stuart from South cave
All a dual carriageway would do, would be to simply allow all the rush hour traffic to arrive at the bottlenecks, at Shiptonthorpe and York at the same time
09 Mar 08 19:42   Peter from Hull
Travelled the road a few times in the past and it is not a good road; especially as it is the main trunk road from York to Hull. They've sorted the Welton junction - now they need to sort the A1079.
09 Mar 08 17:31   liza from Hull
My fiancee didn't intend to crash - he and the other driver are criticaly ill so stop moaning and sign the petition, as one day it might be u.
06 Mar 08 21:56   Penny from Market Weighton
I travel the A1079 twice a day and once is through rush hour traffic. The amount of near misses I have seen have been unbelievable. I had a very big near miss once with someone being too impatient! Making this road into a dual carriage way will be a very sensible idea!
06 Mar 08 00:17   Anthony from Wilberfoss
I would like to ask that the idiots out there stop crashing... Not only does it encourage stupid 'traffic calming' measures but it's really annoying when I get diverted, just because some nitwit has tried to join the A1079 in a gap that even a mental chimp would have thought twice about.
05 Mar 08 23:08   Mary Palmer from Wilberfoss
The road is so very dangerous... especially when leaving the village & trying to find a gap in the speeding traffic so you can get on in order to get to work... Very dangerous! M.
24 Feb 08 10:39   Jack Griffin from Wawne
All of the A1079 should be made dual carigeway and should have proper juctions with flyovers, not oundabouts and primary junctions

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