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16/9/2006 09:24 Steve W I travel up the A1079 towards York each morning, and return back down to Market Weighton at tea time.

The road can move quite well for a single carrigeway, depends what is on the road ahead, the problem is slow moving vehicles ie tractors, who will not do the curtious thing and pull in.

They have every right to use the A1079 but the drivers give no consideration to the 1- 2 mile of traffic they have built up behind them.

If signage was placed along the road to make slow moving vehicles pull in to allow the traffic to flow, this would help.

There are several good passing places along the road to allow them to pull in safely.

Again this morning through frustration I saw drivers taking chances to get past a lorry crawling along.

12/12/2006 17:24 Miles Salter

Just to say I support your work, especially the safety work for the a1079. Although I haven't seen an accident, I have been very alarmed at the driving of some of the road users. Some of them appear to me to be accidents waiting to happen. I would be pleased to see measures that prevent accidents - I'm unsure of the exact number, but there have clearly been numerous fatalities in recent years.

Please add my name to the petition.


Miles Salter

Freelance Writer and Teacher, York (work a lot in Hull)


11 Nov 08 21:58   Anthony from Wilberfoss
The 1079 does move quite well at rush hour times... frequently you can keep a better speed during busy times than if you go out at 11am and get stuck behind some old deer doing about 25.
05 Mar 08 23:12   Anthony from Wilberfoss
There seems to be a lot of people who put the accidents on the A1079 down to poor road design... I beg to differ; I put responsibility firmly at the door of people who can't drive properly, the road is perfectly good. Some people are calling for a roundabout or traffic lights outside Wilberfoss, which I think is totally pointless. I manage to get onto the 1079 every day very safely; all you have to do is wait for an appropriate gap and when there is one put your foot down so as not to impede traffic flow. There are too many people who pull out of Wilberfoss and Pocklington onto the 1079 right in front of cars already on the road, then these people who were in such a rush to join the road then seem to forget what a hurry they were in, and don’t bother to speed up in relation to the other drivers causing them then break creating a concertina effect. It is stupid acts such as these that cause accidents, not the road. A while ago I was driving back to Wilberfoss from Manchester and the only bit of bad driving I saw that whole day was (you guessed it) in Wilberfoss, the driver in question pulled out of Storking Lane by the post office about 30 feet in front of myself they then proceeded to drive off with me behind, only to slam on their brakes by the pub and only once he had slowed to a virtual stop did he bother to indicate that he was turning into the pub car park… if you ask me he’d already had a skin full! We live in an area full of idiots and village busybodies who don't understand how bad they are at driving. A road I'm surprised by is the one that links Wilberfoss and Fangfoss... you hardly ever get any accidents along there, even though some peoples driving skills are appalling along there, there’s something about corners that seems to confuse them. I wont name names this time but I was following a resident of Wilberfoss along there in her Citroen Picasso during the rush hour and she spent more time driving on the right than the left (even on approaches to blind corners) how she's didn't cause a crash is beyond me. Its people like her that need to be altered, not the roads.

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