Campaign group backs MP's call for urgent road improvements

An influential traffic and transport pressure group has backed MP Greg Knight’s call for urgent improvements along the A1079 Hull to York road.


The Conservative MP for East Yorkshire has promised to press the Department of Transport for action following yet another fatal accident. Eighty-three-year-old Audrey Prince died in hospital after she was involved in a collision with a car as she tried to cross the A1079 at Barmby Moor.

The MP’s intervention has been welcomed by Action Access A1079 which has been campaigning for major improvements to be made to the road for the past four years.

Its chairman, Graham Hicks, of Pocklington, said: “How many more lives will have to be lost before someone at Government level agrees that urgent action is needed to upgrade this road so that it is safe for all users – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians?

“This is yet another tragedy on a section of the A1079 that has already been highlighted as an area of particular concern. The speed limit along the Barmby Moor stretch has been at 50mph for some time and while this has helped to reduce speed in general it is clearly not enough.

“General upgrading, including better access at all entry and exit points and better lighting is essential if this road is to be made safer.”

Mr Knight is calling for the road to be made dual carriageway in certain ‘agricultural’ areas and given more safety measures through all the villages.

Action Access A1079 consists of representatives of communities along the route. In September, the Group petitioned national and regional politicians to support its campaign, claiming the future economies of towns and villages could soon be compromised if a programme of large-scale improvements to assist traffic flow is not introduced.

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