Response to the East Riding Local Development Framework

Forward Planning
East Riding of Yorkshire Council
County Hall
Beverley HU17 9BA


5th July 2010

Dear Sirs

Action Access A1079 response to the Local Development Framework consultation

Action Access A1079 is a campaigning group (set up as a working sub-group of the renaissance partnership, Pocklington and Wolds Gateway) consisting of representatives from all the communities served by the road and has been active for some time to have the road developed and improved. Simple lobbying has not been the whole of our activity; we have developed what we believe to be an overall, realistic vision for the long term improvement of the road into which smaller scale, localised improvements fit as and when these become possible.

Our aims are:

• To improve the safety record by making access onto, from and across the road safer and by reducing the delays on the route by various means.

• To improve the flow on the road in order to improve the economic outlook from, to and within the region.

• To improve the sustainability of the area.

Our local MPs, Rt Hon Greg Knight MP and Rt Hon Graham Stuart MP, have taken this campaign to the highest levels of UK Government and questions have been asked in the House of Commons. At least two parliamentary debates have been held on the subject. There is strong agreement within ERYC that the road should be improved and meetings have also been held between the action group and the Regional Transport Board.

The group has also held meetings with representatives from the City of York Council and Hull City Council. The group is encouraged by the creation of the York Outer constituency which includes the A1079 West of the River Derwent. It is noted that the newly appointed MP, Julian Sturdy, who has also attended meetings of the A1079 group, is a member of the Transport Select Committee which we find encouraging.

Despite EuroRAP’s latest risk rating (figures to 2008) rising to above 80, there is no doubt that the user impression of safety on the road has been improved. It could be that improved safety measures carried out by ERYC since 2008 have actually improved the safety record of the road. In doing this the function of the road has been compromised by reducing the speed below the national speed limit for this type of road and controlling speed with speed cameras. However, this is indicative that the road cannot now meet its original design parameter, largely because of the increase in number and diversity of traffic on the road. Further housing development will only increase the weight of traffic on the road further compromising the accessibility of the residents to services and their work.

The flow on the road has not been improved. Journey times have not been decreased and nor has their predictability been improved. One result has been little business development in the communities; threatening the economic outlook for the region and thus encouraging commuting to work in other areas, often outside the East Riding.

It cannot be economically sustainable to continue to build homes in communities where there are already too few jobs for existing residents. The result is increased commuter traffic, increased delay in journey times and unwillingness for business to invest in those communities. It is not environmentally sustainable to continue to increase the carbon footprint of residents by a failure to invest in this vital infrastructure. Public transport is not assisted by being caught in the same traffic queue as car owners.

The A1079 provides a gateway from the North and North East into the East Riding and is the link between the historically important cities of York and Hull. Business between these cities, and the communities between them, is compromised by having inadequate transport infrastructure.

Action Access A1079 therefore believes that in order to achieve the housing and other development targets of the LDF the A1079 must first be improved to cope with any increase in population. This is the key to the success and potential deliverability of the LDF.

Yours sincerely,



Grahame Hicks


Action Access A1079

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