Two-car fatal accident near Shiptonthorpe

We have received details of an apparently fatal crash between 2 cars on the A1079 at Thorpe le Street near Shiptonthorpe, at the end of the dual carriageway section.   The accident happened towards the end of the Friday evening rush-hour.  The road was closed for 8 hours. We are awaiting more information, but this part of the A1079 is a well-known black spot.  We believe one of the drivers died at the scene.


03 Oct 08 14:54   Stuart from South Cave
The easiest and possible cheapest solution to reduce accidents on this section of dual carriageway would be to remove it, and continue with a single carriageway, as the rest of the A1079 is. Also removing the section of trees would open up the blind spot on the bend where traffic is able to cross
05 May 08 10:08   W D Toulman from Walkington
The only way to 'fix' this black spot is to spend money on Civil Engineering work and to extend the dual carriage way towards Shiptonthorpe. This should have been done when the initial dual carriageway was built. Could I ask A1079 users who notice the aaftermath of accidents, eg wrecks on the verges, to let me know of them. I suspect that a lot of accidents are not reported on the media. My e-address is Best Wishes David

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